The January 2021 Giveaway

I’ll keep this simple since probably, like me, you are slammed with New Year’s Resolutions (checkout how to make them SMART) and Things To Do (write Thank Yous, take down decorations, get out belated newsletter…). For reasons I won’t go into at this juncture, I ended up with two extra planners and at least one extra journal. So I’m giving them away.

And trying to boost my email subscription list.

For a chance to win one, simply join my email list.

(If you are already subscribed to my list, you are already in the pool. Enjoy! Paddle around.) You’ll get the standard goodies (and more to come 1st Quarter 2021) as well as entry in the give-away. Share a link to the give-away on social media or your email list and get another chance to win.

Deadline for entries is January 6, 2021. (Epiphany; the Twelfth Day of Christmas)

Descriptions of the items are below with links to related sites. The “Cultivate What Matters 2021 PowerSheets Goal Planner” started January 1, 2021 (sorry I didn’t do this sooner). The Intelligent Change “Productivity Planner” and “5-Minute Journal” have no specific start date. Nor do the Smock Paper Company journals. If you are interested in a specific item only, either Tweet me @MTFWM1 or email me.

Good-luck, take care, wear a mask, and stay safe (’cause the pandemic isn’t done).

Cultivate What Matters 2021 PowerSheets Goal Planner

Excellent if you are wanting to clarify your goals and priorities, especially if you are visual and like using stickers, highlighters, and so forth. The one I’m giving away is the sold-out soft, solid blue cover, btw.

Intelligent Change Productivity Planner

This is a more traditional day planner — with the addition of a focus on priority planning (and you know how I feel about priority planning). It uses the Pomodoro Technique for scheduling your important tasks. You can check out all of the details here. BTW, Tim Ferris (of The 4-Hour Work Week fame) is now associated with the Intelligent Change organization.

Intelligent Change The 5-Minute Journal

Designed to promote and develop a positive mindset and goal achievement, The 5-Minute Journal goes beyond the standard gratitude journal with AM & PM sections. And to keep you motivated and prevent burnout, it really does limit both the space for writing and the focus of your writing. A good way to develop the gratitude habit and focus on the positive, which builds resilience.

Oh, and you may want to look at their newest product, which is available digitally and taking print pre-orders. According to Intelligent Change

Digital Best Year Journal is your sustainable and easy-to-use guide to becoming a better version of yourself and creating an achievable action plan you will stick to.

The Smock Paper Company Journal

I love supporting real craftsmanship and the Smock folks are a small press custom printing service that love what they do. They are in Syracuse, NY just down the street from Clayscapes Pottery (where I was doing ceramics pre-pandemic). Smock Paper has an annual “sidewalk sale” (more of a “half-the-parking-lot” sale) where I picked up over a dozen of their custom journals in 2018. I’m still using them but decided to share. Wire-bound, lightweight, cardboard binding, 8 x 5.5″ in size, with a blank page on the left and a lined-page on the right. (They’re not listed on the current inventory on their website so if you like it, you may want to let them know.)