Do You Always Want to Capture Your Audience Online?

Research says — Hit them with your headlines and capture your audience with your captions.  To reach your audience you need to caption your images with your key message and create compelling headlines. Because that’s all 80+% of your audience reads in your posts. So instead of blogging on my art site about “My New Art Project,” I use the headline “How to Create Prophetic, Subversive Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Art.” And I caption the photos with key information.

Miniature greyhound looking up at text: Over 80% only read the headlines...
while over 90% read the caption of an image — so create compelling headlines and put your core message in the caption.

Since the 1960’s it’s been shown repeatedly that 80% (or more) of the viewers read the headline but only 20% (or less) read the copy of a piece. And, advertising queen and Madwoman, Jane Maas, in her work reported that over 80% of people read the caption of an image even if they didn’t read the article. 

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