Do you want to live a creative life you find meaningful and fulfilling?

Do you want to promote & sell your work naturally and with integrity?

It’s okay to pursue a life that matches your own values. A life of authenticity. A life that’s about the creative work and the inner journey where the destination is joy, creative success, and contentment. And we’re here to help you achieve your goals while developing your creative career and your well-being.


Begin with the Priority Planning Process, a simple, fast method to keep you on track & accomplishing what matters every day.

  1. Increase your available brain function.
  2. Focus on important core actions that get you results daily.
  3. Recognize & assess progress made toward your larger goals.

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Next, make sure your natural light shines by spotlighting your work in a way that is comfortable and matches your personality with your free, 20-page guide: Selling Your Work Naturally: Online — Using your natural style to promote yourself & your work online.

Cover for Sell Your Work Naturally: Online — Using Your natural Style to Promote Yourself and Your Work OnlineDesigned to help you develop a holistic — and intuitive —online presence, the guide provides the keys to successfully selling your creative work — even if you’re an introvert. Topics include:

Finding and connecting with your target audience (the people who will support and pay for your creative efforts),

What you actually need for an effective online presence and what to do if you can only do four things,

Why you need to use social media and which one(s) you should use,

Why you don’t want to keep all your eggs in one basket — especially when you don’t own the basket,

Developing your “Elevator Pitch,” and the infamous —

“I Am Not Very Good With Technology, I Do Not Want to Have to Learn a Lot of Geeky Stuff, I Do Not Want to Spend a Lot of Time Learning New Tech Tools & I Do Not Have Much Money! Help!”

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Personal and Professional Well-being

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Making Time For What Matters

is all about helping you create a meaningful, mindful, successful life. No matter where you are right now. Our content, based on behavioral psychology & economic research, and created with one purpose — to help you reach your goals.

Expand Your Opportunities

Develop techniques to overcome the obstacles to reaching your goals and aspirations such as better time management, effective delegation, handling interruptions and the unexpected. Master effective promotion — without selling your soul or channeling Tony Robbins. Acquire new skills, ideas, and inspiration for your creativity — and life.

Gain Clarity & Focus

Identify triggers that can sabotage your best intentions & efforts. Discover how to make smarter, better goals. Learn techniques the improve focus and cognition. 

Discover Your Personal Path

It’s hard to reach your destination if you don’t know why you are on the road. Build your Life List and determine your true values and goals. Explore new methods of personal and artistic growth. Build your confidence and resilience. Unearth hidden foundations for your future.

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