Isolation Is the Dream-killer, Not Your Rotten Attitude

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Social isolation damages our success as well as our mental and physical health. And I speak from personal experience. I’m  terrible at networking — online or in person. So please, take just 18 minutes to watch this delightfully inspiring TEDx talk by Barbara Sher about the power of connection — with strangers.

And discover how you can make your dreams come true.

I’m not kidding.

This is not woo-woo. As a matter of fact, Barbara Sher is going to trash-talk “positive thinking.” (And I’m pretty certain she’d have a few things to say about “The Secret” as well. She apparently doesn’t take any nonsensical guff.)

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Try This One Simple Action During the Holidays For a Happier, More Successful New Year

young women shoppers in winter clothes energized and happy checking out gifts

Ho-ho-ho! Bah Humbug! ‘Tis the season of ups and downs, joys and toys. The holiday season is filled with moments of heightened emotional and physical responses. It knocks us out of our regular routines and challenges us with different skill sets. We have increased interaction with others and more demands on our time and cognitive energy.
Which makes it the ideal time for developing mindful self-awareness and identifying what energizes us and what drains us, physically and psychologically.

Instead of battling the stresses and strains of the holiday season, use them to discover what activities drain your cognitive, physical and emotional energies and which ones recharge you, why, and what you can do to change your response and take back control of your time and your life.

And it only takes two questions — and one simple action.

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5 Ways to Be Productive When Your Brain Says “No!”

By a rainy day window, a cat sits wrapped in a blanket and staring at nothing., apparently not being productive.

Some times my brain rebels. It merely wraps itself in a fluffy blanket and says “I’m taking a break.” A common problem during the long, grey days of winter when my brain gets lost in the fog after only an hour or two of work. Therefore, I feel the need to get things done but lack the mental motivation or even cognitive capacity. Because one of my intentional living resolutions is not fighting my body, I no longer beat myself up or reach for the cookies and caffeine. If your mind needs a break, here are 5 ways to still accomplish something while your brain recharges.

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How SMART Are Your Goals?

a white owl reminds us to make SMART goals to succeed

Roughly 40% of the population make New Year’s Resolutions. The most popular New Year’s Resolutions (in no particular order) are: lose weight, get in shape, spend less (or save more), and make more money. All worthy aspirations. However, they aren’t SMART goals. And because they aren’t SMART, they are usually dumped within 30 days. If we want to actually achieve our goals, we need to make better. We need to make them SMART goals.

What are SMART Goals?:

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The One Resolution You Need to Achieve Your Goals

old-style view stop highlights the focus needed to reach Top 5 goals

Find your focus for the coming year. What do you want to accomplish in the next twelve months? What are your all of your goals?

Go ahead, write it down. Make a list.

Making your list should take 5-minutes or less. However, feel free to put some real thought and time behind your list of goals. In addition, you need to actually write your list because writing stimulates creativity, concentration, and conserves cognitive capacity. (Sorry. I couldn’t pass up the alliteration. I just mean that we have to use less brain energy if we don’t try to remember our lists. It’s like downloading information instead of trying to remember it all.)

Got your list of what you want to do next year? Great!

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