Starting Here and Now

Hello, and Welcome!

Making Time for What Matters (MTWFM) is for people who want more, but more of what truly matters in their lives.  A successful, meaningful, fulfilling life is about making conscious choices to live according to our values and beliefs — and effectively managing the limited time we have. MTFWM is helps you identify, develop, and meet your personal goals and aspirations, with whatever resources you have.

And because of the cataclysmic events and shifts in 2020, there will be posts to help you pause and reflect, and help you survive in tough economic times. (I’m calling them”Tips for the New Depression.”)

Perhaps you feel adrift, uncertain where to steer your life — or even if you can? Or you may feel tossed and turned by the storm of all that’s happening now? You may even feel like you’ve gone aground or sinking after crashing on the rocks? Maybe for you, it’s smooth sailing — but you want to check your course. Let MTFWM be your safe harbor, your port of call, to restock for your voyage and possibly discover new destinations.

(Can you tell I desperately miss traveling right now?)

Maybe like Alice & the Red Queen, you feel you’re running as fast as you can — but getting nowhere?

Heidi Berthiaume Vintage coloring image Alice and the Red Queen running
Do you feel you’re running as fast as you can — but getting nowhere?

It’s time to try something different.

What You Will Find Here

  • Techniques and tips on getting the most from your time — and your life. 
  • Ideas and inspiration to help you achieve your goals, aspirations, and fulfillment.
  • Techniques and tips for personal growth and discovery of what truly matters to you

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